Akademia Psychologii Zorientowanej na Proces is one of the main process work centres in Poland. Founded in 2003 by Tomasz Teodorczyk and Agnieszka Wróblewska, psychologists, psychotherapists (process work diplomates) and teachers.
We cover the fields of psychotherapy, personal development, professional training, business psychology, experience expeditions and social activities in Poland and abroad.

We are a team of process work therapists working in Warsaw, Wrocław and Gdańsk. We offer help concerning life-crisis, interpersonal problems, addictions, and health problems (both mental and physical). We base our approach on an assumption that what is experienced as difficult and problematic usually carries an important message. This message is often crucial in understanding our client’s life path and necessary changes. This way, problems become part of the solution.

The following therapists offer psychotherapy (for individuals and couples) in English:

Paulina Chocholska (Wrocław)
Anna Kotapka (Warszawa)
Tomasz Teodorczyk (Warszawa)